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Supplier Leasing 

My customer wants to invest in some equipment for their business and needs finance

If you sell equipment, you can offer finance to your customers through Ultimate Funding Solutions.

We aim to secure finance for your customer within the hour – wherever possible. This means that you are then free to deliver your equipment. The beauty of using UFS is that we will settle your invoice IN FULL, therefore protecting your business cashflow.

There will be no need to chase your customers for payment!


I want to generate more sales by offering a leasing option to my customers

If you manufacture, sell or resell capital equipment either new or used, Ultimate Funding Solutions can help

We will provide your customers with the necessary finance to buy your equipment, enabling you to:

<> Overcome cost objections

<> Get paid fully upon installation

<> Increase your sales

<> Increase your profits

<> Protect your margin

<> Remove the need to discount

<> Offer the best equipment for the job

<> Save time chasing money and customers

<> Reduce your company debtors

By acting as the finance company, Ultimate Funding Solutions can offer a genuine, value-added service to your sales process!

Ultimate Funding Solutions can offer:

<> Access to over 50+ funders

<> Personalised loan calculator

<> Personalised leasing documents

<> Seasonal Leasing

<> High acceptance rates

<> DocuSign documents for a quick turn around

<> Bespoke rates tailored to your business

<> Fast pay-outs

<> Dedicated account manager

<> In-house marketing support

<> In-house or on-site finance training, adapted to suit your business needs

Benefits of using Ultimate Funding Solutions:


<> We have been providing business finance for over 20 years

<> We offer a streamlined process for quick approvals

<> Option to use deferred finance (Buy now pay later)

<> Joint partnerships and joint ventures with partners

<> Fast and friendly team members

<> Efficient and consistent service

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